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Olivia Gale

Enthralled with the performances she saw on the New York City Broadway stage, Olivia set her sights on studying theater, but her lifelong dream was to dance. She found fulfillment of that dream in the most unlikely of places, Lajes Air Force Base in the Azores, Portugal where her father was stationed. There she found a teacher who taught her more than dance. She taught her that dreams really can come true. That is a wonderful gift and a very important lesson to learn. Olivia received her BA from Florida State University where she studied both theater and dance and became a member of Dance Masters of America in 1983. She is a professional actor, choreographer, dancer and teacher. After years of running her own dance and performing arts studio, The Dance Workshop, in Perry, Florida (located between Tallahassee and Gainesville) she made the move to Orlando.  That is when she established On Stage Studios and Raven's Wing Entertainment Company in 1995. Although Dance in it's many forms has been a primary focus of Olivia's work and interest, she is also an artist, a writer, and a poet . She has performed professionally in commercials, television, conventions and theater. Her writing has been published nationally in Focus In Entertainment News, Dancer, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher Magazines. In November of 2000, her article on Ballet Legend Fernando Bujones was featured as a cover story for Dance Teacher Magazine. In May of 2003 her article "With a Passion for Dance and a Vision of Excellence"  was also featured as the cover for Dancer Magazine "Orlando Ballet and the Magic of Fernando Bujones".  Olivia met Michael Cairns soon after moving to Orlando when she came to him for professional headshots. Not only was she impressed with his work with entertainers, she was doubly impressed with his wonderful work with dancers. One photograph in particular caught her eye as the perfect visual expression of her poem "To Dance is to be Free...". Having used photography often as a backdrop for her poetic expression, an idea began to form. "I know how much dancers love to have dancewear, posters and cards that express who they are as dancers, so I decided to approach Michael about joining with me to produce original designs unlike anything on the market today." We look forward to creating many more original designs that speak to the dancer's soul in us all.

Olivia now manages The Zebra Room Ballroom Dance Studio in Orlando owned by Trish and Roe Sie. Olivia and Trish have been friends and dancing "compadres" since before The Zebra Room was even conceived as an actual kernel of an idea, so it was a perfect fit for her to manage the studio when Trish moved to LA in March of 2006 FSU was where Olivia's love affair with Ballroom dancing began when she took a class and proceeded to assist the instructor, Les Bruch, teaching it. Her first professional gig in O Town was dancing the Tango at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on I-Drive. With various dance partners she has performed at events featuring bands such as Johnny Cool and the Mobster Swing Band and Michael Andrew and Swingerhead.  During her time in Orlando, she has built a network of multi-talented entertainers whom she books for conventions, events, video and film engagements through Raven's Wing Entertainment Company, a division of  Stage Studios LLC. Olivia has been a master jazz teacher and choreographer for Orlando Ballet's prestigious summer intensive program since 2002.  She is very pleased to have the opportunity to manage "The Zebra Room" for her good friend Trish, while she is off to "Tinsel Town" to follow the yellow brick road to fame and fortune. In the meantime, Olivia is here to make sure The Zebra Room is humming along without a hitch, and providing the teachers and students with a simply fabulous place to dance their hearts out.

Marilyn duBrisk"I would like to thank my teacher and inspiration Marilyn Dubrisk for showing me how dreams really can come true and teaching me another important lesson 'pass it on'..."  Olivia





Michael Cairns

As a professional photographer in Orlando since 1987, Michael Cairns has done 7,000 photo sessions for clients as varied as up and coming young stars Kirsten Storm and Mandy Moore to screen legend Vincent Price as well as the vocal groups LFO and the Backstreet Boys. He also manages to find time in his busy schedule to photograph the grace and beauty demonstrated by the dancers of the city's  professional ballet company, Orlando Ballet (formerly Southern Ballet Theatre). He started his career as a professional model and then worked nationally as a commercial photographer producing magazine ads, bill boards, posters, brochures and more. At the present time Michael works with entertainers from all over the United States in his downtown Orlando studio. His amazing creativity and great sense of style and humor are evident in his work. Be sure  to check out his web site at www.michaelcairns.com for more of what Michael's talent has to offer.  Wet Orange Studio is a state of the art all-digital facility  and digital studio leader in the industry where his creativity has full reign. He has the ability to control the whole process from the photography to producing the end product. It is the only all-digital studio where you always get your proofs after your session and get 8x10's and multiple photographic copies with your name on them all in the same place.

Wet Orange Studio   407-839-3965 / 1-800-839-3965 / Fax 407-481-8248

Work of talented photographers Walt Beers and Mary Mills also featured at On Stage Studios...


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