"To dance is to be free..." Olivia



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Olivia Gale Original Dance Poetry as Dance Posters and Dance Greeting CardsDance Posters

 Dance Greeting Cards

& Dance Poetry



On Stage Studios and Olivia Gale present images and words

that speak to the dancer's souls in everyone...

Olivia Gale Original Dance Poetry as Dance Posters and Dance Greeting Cards


Poetry in Motion

  the paint brush of the mind dips deep

       into the well of the spirit

              to color your world with inspiration...

     the mind, body and heart join

                    to create a harmony

 that takes you to dance among the clouds...


"To Dance is to be Free.." 


Poem Written in the Clouds


Photo Michael Cairns

  • Art Prints, Dance Posters & Matted Prints / Entire Poem Written on Photo

  • Half Fold Dance Greeting Cards / Dance Poetry Written Inside

  • Note Cards / Phrase Written Inside

  • Prints also available with phrase written below and not on photo.

Let us fill your world with words and images that remind you how your heart can make you fly, how your spirit can take wing, how that child within can speak volumes if we but listen, how all things are possible to those who dare to dream...

Olivia Gale, Writer/Choreographer and Michael Cairns, Entertainment Photographer, combine their skill and talent to bring you unique designs you can wear, or frame, or send to a friend... Words and images that mean something special to you. In our original design dancewear and accessories you can make a statement about who you are and share with the world that dancer's soul within...

Olivia Gale's original Dance Poetry will warm your Dancer's Heart whether in the form of Dance Posters to adorn your walls or as a dance greeting card you send to a friend...

Other Prints and Cards Available in the Series

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"To Dance is to be Free..."

Ballerina Image



For more information and to review each poem in it's entirety contact us by E-mail

or call 407-761-9122 onstagewp@aol.com


Olivia Gale Original Dance Poetry as Dance Posters and Dance Greeting Cards


Olivia Gale

Original Dance Poetry

Dance Posters &

Dance Greeting Cards




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